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There are many pool finishes to choose from including different types of plaster, tile, and aggregate finishes. There is a vast selection of materials, textures, and colors. From the classic white plaster to a color fusion of river pebbles, quartz aggregates, or glass beads.
Whether its a new build or thinking about starting a pool renovation project, the pool finish you choose will have a significant impact on the pools final artistic design. Here you have a chance to come up with a blend that mingles with the colors of your home, your outdoor deck, or simply fits you. 
Please read below for more information on different pool finishes to find out which option is best for you.
Classic White Cement Plaster
This classic white plaster or marcite gives pools a smooth appearance and is still a popular choice. It is the most inexpensive choice compared to the range of new pool finishes that have developed over the years. This is the most inexpensive option and it lasts you from 5 to 7 years with proper maintenance. 
White plaster can also be mixed with different colored dyes to change the appearance of the poolscape. Darker plasters for example, such as gray or a dark green, adds depth and gives the pool a natural pond look. 
Aggregate Finishes
These are the new generation plaster products for pool surfaces. This finish consists of white or colored plaster mixed with quartz, granite, or river stone. They come in polished and exposed forms. 
Polished = Includes marble and other composites to achieve a silky smooth finish
Exposed = Rougher surface includes stone, pebbles or glass beads into the plaster
Aggregates are becoming more popular because it provides a more luxurious pool surface. It also offers a harder and more resistant to chemicals and staining surface than regular plaster alone. There is an extensive selection of colors and textures ready to be blended into a unique look.
Aggregates are a step up from just classic plaster. There is a price increase, but it will be a better investment in the long run because of the higher quality of the product. It lasts from 7 to 10 years until your next replastering depending on maintenance. 
Exposed Aggregates
This is the highest quality pool finish, and of course, the most expensive one. It is a harder product to install, it lasts the longest, and it's the best looking of them all. Pebble and Glass blend finishes are part of this category.
Pebble Finish
Pebble finishes add more of a rustic look and they complement natural surroundings. For example, tropical or lagoon-style designs go hand in hand with pebble finishes. 
In the image above, you can see there is a color change in the surface. It makes you wonder if there are two different pool finishes mixed on the surface of this pool... The answer is NO!... it is the same product. The beach entry gives it a white sand look and feel but as you go deeper the color hue starts to change to a deeper blue. This is what makes this product so attractive. 
Glass Finish
Glass blend finishes catch the sparkle of sunlight and give the pool a 3D effect. A glass finish will add elegance to any pool design but are best for enhancing contemporary or modern pool designs. 
These exposed aggregate products are the best in the industry and they last the longest, always with proper maintenance. These products can easily last you from 10 to 15 years. It is a great investment for your pool and home gives it a significant change in appearance. 
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